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Medidores de Tangente de Delta

Fabricante: Megger


- Adecuado para pruebas en transformadores

- Tensión de salida: 0-12 kV

- Rango de frecuencia: 1-500 Hz

- Corriente de salida: 300 mA (4 min) / 100 mA continua

- Medida de tensión, corriente, capacidad, factor de potencia, factor de disipación (tan delta), inductancia y energía (pérdida de vatios)

Fabricante: Power Diagnostix


Offering adequate resolution and accuracy as well as an unmatched portability, the TDAcompact is an excellent choice for field-type dissipation factor measurements. Additionally, the TDAcompact can be used as a module of a flexible automated test system.

The TDAcompact is a portable capacitance and tanδ analyzer. The focus of the instrument's application is on the analysis of the epoxy-mica insulation of rotating machines. Besides this, the unit is applicable for oil-paper insulation systems and especially for mass-impregnated cables.

Fabricante: High Voltage Inc.


TD-34E 34 kVac peak @ 0.1 Hz

The TD-34E, along with the HVI VLF-34E AC hipot, is the latest in design using current electronic technology. Together they permit the user to perform all VLF and VLF-TD tests possible and offer the best wireless operation and data collection, aided by the HVI custom application software written solely for the two evices.

  • Voltage Measurement: 1 - 34 kV peak/1 - 25 kV rms
  • Current Measurement: 0 - 15 mA rms
  • Tan δ Measurements. Load Range Freq: 0.1 Hz - 0.01 Hz, 5 nF - 10 μF
Fabricante: High Voltage Inc.


The TDB-60 is used for measuring the loss angle, or dissipation factor, of shielded power cable. These measurements are used to track the deterioration of cable insulation.

Tan Delta testing is performed with the cable off-line. A VLF AC test instrument is used to provide the test voltage to the cable while the TD device records the results. It is an easy test to perform and provides valuable information about cable insulation integrity.

  • Voltage range: 0 - 60 kV peak
  • Frequency range: 0.01 Hz - 0.2 Hz
  • Full report generating software
  • Displayed data: loss angle, voltage, current, & frequency
  • Accuracy +/- 2% + 0.005
  • Resolution: 0.0005

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