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Calibradores en línea

Fabricante: Calmet


Three Phase Fully Automatic Test System with integrated current and voltage source

• Easy verification of meters under precise load conditions, using integrated current and voltage source
• Automatic operation with predefined load points without the need of an external PC
• Modern SD flash memory card up to 32GB for storage of customer data and measurement results
• Display of vector diagram, phase sequence, wave form oscilloscope, harmonics spectrum bar and trend charts for analysis of the mains conditions
• User-friendly system for data input and operation of combined source and reference meter
• The system may be used either as a stand-alone reference standard meter, or together with the integrated power source, or as a stand-alone three-phase power calibrator class 0.1
• Data readout and test system control via USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth

Fabricante: Calmet


Three Phase Network Analyser and Tester of Electricity Meters and Instrument Transformers

• Measure of power network parameters in class 0.05 or 0.1
• Voltage ranges 0.05…300V and 0.1…40kV
• Current ranges 0.001…12(100)(1000)(30/300/3000)A
• Testing of electricity meters and CT/PT Transformers
• Recording and analyse of power quality
• Vector, oscilloscope, bar and trend charts of three phase network
• Powering from 50…450V AC power network and internal battery


Fabricante: Calmet


Portable energy meter tester

Caltest 10 is a single phase portable device class 0.5 designed for electricity meter testing on site.

  • Energy meter testing
  • Measuring of power network parameters
  • Range 0.01..(10)(100)(1000)(30/300/3000)A and 85…265V
  • Powering from measuring circuit
  • Load changing function
  • Printing results on the site
  • Hand-held miniature case

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